About Associates in Psychotherapy

“Problems are not stops signs. They are guidelines.”

Robert H. Schiuller

Dr. Michelle Chaban

Founder and Clinical Psychologist

Associates in Psychotherapy was founded in 2003 by Dr. Michelle Chaban, with the vision to provide affordable, quality, collaborative, and empirically proven treatments to individuals and families.   Our team of clinicians span across 4 locations in the Chicagoland area and we also provide telehealth services.   We work with children, teens, and adults who are struggling with various mental health conditions and/or stressors.   Associates in Psychotherapy understands that there is not a “one size fits  all” when it comes to one’s well-being.  Everyone’s situation and circumstances are different and require a individualized approach and treatment plan.

Therapy is not easily described since every therapist is different and every client brings unique experiences to treatment. One consistent finding, though, is that establishing a good therapist-client relationship is most predictive of a positive outcome.  And, we promise to do our best to ensure that you are connected with a therapist that you feel is a great fit for you.

We look forward to an opportunity to help you achieve  your personal goals.  Please contact us to get started.

Our Services

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Our Therapists

Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians span across 3 locations in the Chicagoland area (Deerfield, Evanston, Chicago & Barrington).   We also provide telehealth services through a HIPAA compliant platform to ensure confidentiality.  Contact us to discuss how we can best help you reach your individualized  goals.

How We Help

All of our therapists are professionally trained to help you with your mental health needs.  Whether you are struggling with a mental health condition,  relationship probelms, or stress, we are here to help you learn better ways to navigate through it and create lasting change.

Get Started

We are committed to help you address your concerns and reach your goals.  We understand that seeking help may not be easy but we also know that therapy can be effective for many problems and conditions.  Our compassionate team is here to walk you through this process; one step at a time.


What others are saying…

I have known Dr. Michelle Chaban for over 25 years and am continually impressed with her professionalism, intellect, and compassion for others. Dr. Chaban is one of the most dedicated psychologists I have ever known who lives out her commitment to alleviate human suffering by providing psychotherapy within a safe, caring and healing environment. I have referred clients to her and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a consultation or psychological treatment.

Dr. Anne Chodzko

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice

I have known Dr. Michelle Chaban for over 15 years. Dr. Chaban is one of the most honest, intelligent, and insightful psychologists I have come across in the field. I am fortunate to have been able to consult with her on a number of cases, and Dr. Chaban’s professionalism is only exceeded by her care and compassion for her clients. As a fellow psychologist, I truly believe that any client who chooses Dr. Chaban as their psychologist will find themselves in a safe, supportive client/therapist relationship, and given her level of clinical expertise, will truly be given an advantage toward achieving their therapy goals.
Dr. Shefali Shah

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice