Couples Therapy

Associates in Psychotherapy

The purpose of couples counseling is to help you, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, better understand yourself, your partner, and identify patterns of communication or behavior that may be harming your relationship. This type of therapy can also provide you with skills to set healthy boundaries, communication, and intimacy.

Many people believe that this type of counseling is only needed when there is a crisis. However, couples counseling can help partners strengthen their relationship, resolve a specific issue that is causing discord and tension, and/or build a healthier intimate relationship. In therapy, our therapist will collaboratively work with you and your partner to formulate treatment goals that are unique to your particular situation.  During the course of couple’s therapy, you and your partner will gain skills that will benefit your partnership and lead to greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Associates In Psychotherapy can help you and your partner navigate the complexities in your relationship.  Whether you are struggling to communicate, co-parent, blend families, or have issues around infidelity or intimacy, we can help.  Relationships are complicated and you and your partner may benefit from enlisting the support and expertise of an objective therapist so you can create your desired relationship and connection.

Call us with any questions or to set up an appointment so you can begin improving your relationship with your partner.

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