Associates in Psychotherapy

Associates In Psychotherapy provides consultation services to fellow mental health professionals as well as organizations.   There are many moving pieces when running a business and it can become overwhelming and confusing at times.  Research shows  consultation can be beneficial to identify issues at the workplace and to subsequently explore and implement practical solutions. This process can help improve things at the workplace and create a better more harmonious work environment.

We provide clinical consultation to help other clinicians become better at what we do: helping others.  Whether you need assistance with running your practice, better understanding a complex case, or learning to become a better therapist, we are here to help.  Being a therapist comes with challenges as our work is extremely complex and sometimes we just need another professional to help us gain perspective, clarity, and support.

Consultation is different than being in psychotherapy. Individuals seek out consultation from another professional when they need help with a specific issue that the other professional has expertise in.   Consultation may also be short term in nature and often entails teaching or training.  Therapy, on the other hand, is to help an individual with personal issues such as depression or life transitions.  Therapy is aimed to reduce stress and help clients develop coping skills, greater self awareness, and behavioral changes.

Please  reach out with any questions and to see if you may benefit from our consultation services.  

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