Relationships are complicated. Whether you are dating, married, parenting, caring for a loved one, or working with others, you likely have encountered many complex relationships in your life that require attention, time, and understanding. Tension in relationships can interfere with other aspects of your life. You may feel isolated and like there is nowhere to turn. Never be afraid to ask for help. At our practice, your therapist can help you identify interpersonal issues that may be causing you stress. Therapy provides a safe place to explore interpersonal dynamics and patterns, learn assertive ways to communicate with others, and to gain problem solving skills to address any relational discord. Common signs associated with relationship problems:
  • Recurrent feelings of tension, anxiety, anger, or helplessness when around or thinking about this person
  • Difficulty communicating or expressing your feelings with this person
  • Repetitive arguments that never seem to get resolved
  • Frequent feelings of being misunderstood or invalidated by others
  • Avoidance of being around person

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